CREOLINA® Pronto Uso

Disinfectant for civil use.
Ministry of health registration n. 20094
Medical-surgical device.
It is the ready to use CREOLINA® Pmc 148/10 version. With a pine scent and phenol, this product is irreplaceable for the disinfection and removal of dirt on all surfaces in the home. This product is ideal for the disinfection of dog baskets, animal fluids, kitty litters and urine stains on terraces or walls because it acts on feces, urine and blood. It is also effective in warehouses, small farms such as rabbit hutches, chicken coops, kennels and horseboxes. The health ministry authorizes its use in all areas: healthcare, residential, industrial, public and private sectors. For external use, cannot be used on surfaces for food. The product is used as is. PRODUCT VALIDITY: 24 months from the date of production FARMADATI (pharmaceutical data firm) CODE: 970441895.

CREOLINA® is an Italian registered trademark exclusively owned by GUGLIELMO PEARSON Srl since 1888. Both improper use of the brand and the sale of counterfeit goods are punishable by law.

Pack of: 700 ml