Our Company

Company History

William Pearson Ltd. was founded at the end of the 19th century, in Yorkshire, England. Thanks to the innovative products studied for the needs of that time, such as CREOLINA®, it quickly became one of the biggest chemical industries in Europe. Other plants were built in England and the company became an international holding with various branches throughout Europe (Paris, Hamburg, Genoa, Brussels) and worldwide (New York, Bogota, Caracas, etc.). Thanks to the disinfecting fame of CREOLINA®, invented and exclusively produced by W. Pearson Ltd., as well as registered in every European country and in the two Americas, other products were developed for a range that - at that time - included the zoological and hospital industries. In 1950, W. Pearson Ltd.'s Italian Branch, in Genoa, which had an advanced commercial and production unit in 1888, left the English company to found GUGLIELMO PEARSON Srl. The brands CREOLINA®, MEDOL® and MUSKYL® thus became the property of Guglielmo Pearson S.r.l., which continued to produce such products to further expand their market potentials.


Currently, GUGLIELMO PEARSON Srl is still the holder of this technical-scientific heritage, a legacy that continues to satisfy customers, also thanks to the constant research activities. From the rediscovery of the ancient veterinary recipes studied by Dr. W. Pearson at the beginning of the century and based on his typically English love for horses and pets, two lines were born: Pearson Horse Line® and Doctor Pearson Pet Health and Care Products®, both respectful of the scientific-veterinary traditions, but also projected towards the future of the zoological technologies and UE regulations.

New investments in 2010

In 2010, GUGLIELMO PEARSON Srl made a lot of investments. In fact, the company invested in its new production site, but also in the research and quality of its products. Since January 2011, the company moved from its old production seat, which was located in Genoa Voltri, to a new warehouse (1100 sq.m) in Via Vallecalda, Campo Ligure, a lovely town surrounded by a lush countryside 25 km from the sea. 
Outside, there are two parking areas for trucks and there is a car park on top of the building with 20 spots for both customers and employees. The executive and administration offices, chemical lab, microbiological lab and plant are all located inside the building. The latter is subdivided in n. 10 separate units to better manage production and to better control quality. The investments concerning the renewal of the production systems, the two Medical-Surgical Device workshops (disinfectants and insecticides) and all other departments (feeds, pets, horses, etc.) were planned to allow the company to reach a high level of quality with regards to its products.